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November 2022


We are pleased to announce that End Exploitation Montana is now called, Project STAND. There are several reasons for this change:


1. The word STAND connotes rising up, planting your feet on the solid ground of your values and goals, and maintaining your position when the storms of persuasive technology try to knock you down. Of course we want to end exploitation, like our former name suggests, but we want to do more than that. We want to help youth, parents, and school communities STAND and thrive by using media in healthy ways. Because of technology, today’s youth have the power to do more good, or more harm than any previous generation; it all depends on where they STAND.


2. For two years we have been using the verb STAND in our programming, but that has created some confusion about the relationship between STAND Week and End Exploitation Montana. In order to give our organization and its efforts a more cohesive solidarity, we felt we should incorporate “STAND” into our organization’s name along with its programs.


3. While we love representing and serving Montanans, our services are needed by youth, parents, and school communities beyond the borders of one state. STAND Week, our middle school media safety program, and STAND & Raise, our parent empowerment program, have the potential to benefit schools and families everywhere.


We also wanted our new logo to emphasize everything Project STAND represents:


1. The yellow is reminiscent of the sun in our former logo. Exploitation and other harms of technology thrive in the dark. When we shine a light on them, they cease to exist. 


2. The upward, moving arrows represent that as we progress on our healthy technology journey, the STANDing position we are in will continue to be more secure and elevated. 


3. Two side by side arrows represent that we need each other. All healthy, supportive relationships (i.e., parent/child, teacher/student, friend/friend, sibling/sibling, etc.) lead to individuals reaching their full potential.


We thank you for your support of our organization. We pledge our continued commitment to seeking an end to exploitation by empowering youth, parents, and school communities to STAND and thrive by using media in healthy ways. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with and serve you in these efforts!

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