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mission statement
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Mission Statement:

Empower parents, youth, and communities to use technology in healthy ways.

guiding principles

Guiding Principles

  1. All human beings have inherent dignity, and objectifying any individual is an assault on that dignity.

  2. All forms of sexual exploitation are connected, including sex trafficking, prostitution, pornography, child on child harmful sexual behavior, sextortion, and sexual abuse.

  3. The misuse of technology (including screen time imbalance, cyberbullying, unhealthy social media use, and exposure to pornography) can impede healthy human development and facilitate all forms of sexual exploitation. 

  4. Pornography consumption harms relationships and can be a gateway for other types of exploitation, including child abuse and human trafficking. 

  5. The development of children is significantly influenced by the behavior they witness. Exposure to pornography can make them vulnerable to being exploited or lead to their participation in harmful sexual behavior.

  6. Parents have the primary responsibility to educate their children about healthy and unhealthy sexuality. 

  7. Technology can be used in positive or negative ways. Parents need education and resources to help children navigate media and technology constructively.

  8. Children can develop an internal filter to empower them to make healthy choices online.

  9. All people should be free to choose the media they experience and individuals have the right to not be exposed to sexual content without their consent.

  10. Those who have been impacted by the harms of technology need our compassion and support on their journey to recovery.

  11. Developing strong family relationships can be a protection from harmful technology and all forms of exploitation.

  12. Parents are the most important protective factor for their children.

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