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Project STAND works to prevent all forms of exploitation by empowering youth, parents, and school communities to STAND and thrive by using media in healthy ways.

We do this through two programs, STAND Week, our middle school media safety program, and STAND & Raise, our parent empowerment program.

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STAND Week is a peer-to-peer program for schools run by student leaders under the direction of adult mentors. It creates an atmosphere where youth feel empowered to stand firm in making healthy choices with their media use. It also contains a parent education component and encourages an open-dialogue on essential issues between students and their parents/guardians.

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STAND & Raise includes our Parent Empowerment Speaker Series, and other projects that recognize that parents are the most important protective factor for their kids. STAND & Raise empowers parents to develop healthy relationships with their kids, recognize and respond to harmful trends among youth, raise mentally healthy kids, and protect kids from online exploitation.

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