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Project STAND works to prevent all forms of exploitation by empowering youth, parents, and school communities to STAND and thrive by using media in healthy ways.

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STAND Week is a peer-to-peer program for schools run by student leaders under the direction of adult mentors. It creates an atmosphere where youth feel empowered to stand firm in making healthy choices with their media use. It also contains a parent education component and encourages an open-dialogue on essential issues between students and their parents/guardians.

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STAND & Raise is our collection of resources for parents. It includes our Parent Empowerment Speaker Series, and other projects that recognize that parents are the most important protective factor for their kids. STAND & Raise empowers parents to develop healthy relationships with their kids, recognize and respond to harmful trends among youth, raise mentally healthy kids, and protect kids from online exploitation.

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In addition to our school and parent resources, Project STAND also actively advocates for policies that offer protection and improve the quality of life for families online. Learn more about legislation we support here.

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Today's parents need all the help they can get. 

STAND & Raise Parent Empowerment Speaker Series

Because of technology, today’s youth have the power to do more good, or more harm, than any previous generation; it all depends on where they STAND.

If you worry about children staying safe online and would like to be part of helping them reach their incredible potential through their use of technology, please make a financial gift to Project STAND today. 


Project STAND is unique because it is run by passionate volunteers. This guarantees a low overhead with your money going exactly where it is needed: protecting youth and empowering parents.


Whether it’s $10 or $1,000, your contribution can make an enormous difference. Please consider giving to Project STAND by clicking below.


I will STAND For positive media, valuing the dignity of myself and others

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I will STAND Now and choose to be a leader of positive techhnology.


I will STAND Up, look up, and be present, prioritizing real relationships over screens.

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