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Parents are the most important protective factor for their children.

Project STAND's Parent Empowerment Speaker Series equips parents with tools to address social media, cyberbullying, screen time, pornography, online predators, mental illness, and strengthening the protective parent/child relationship.

Creating a Tech Healthy Family: Addressing Screen Time in the Home

Are you tired of screens taking over? Are you wondering how to help your kids thrive in a digital world? Andrea will give you the confidence and tools you need to tackle tech head-on with her Tech-Healthy Family Formula. This formula provides five steps parents can take to help reduce screen time, restore family time, and finally feel peace of mind.

Empowering Safe Tech Use Through Strengthening Family Relationships

The single most important way to protect your child online is by strengthening your relationship. How do you build trust with your little ones? How do you create a welcoming place for your teenager? What are the do’s and don’ts of asking questions? Can you resolve conflicts without destroying your relationship? Deanna will share simple, real-life ideas you can implement today for creating a stronger bond with your child.

February 21st
Dawn Hawkins, CEO, National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Technology’s Impact on Rising Rates of Problematic Sexual Behavior Among Children

In this informative webinar, we delve into the complex relationship between technology and the increase in problematic sexual behavior among children. We'll examine how online exposure to pornography, hypersexualized content, and predatory behaviors are influencing our young people. The session aims to empower parents, educators, and caregivers with knowledge and tools to identify risks, intervene effectively, and foster healthy development in the digital era. Join us for a crucial conversation on protecting our children's innocence and well-being amidst technological advancements.

February 27th
Clay Olsen, Founder & CEO, Impact Suite,
Co-Founder & President, Fight the New Drug

The Hopeful Paradigm Shift We So Desperately Need On Mental Health

As we face an escalating mental health crisis, its impact on our youth is particularly alarming. It’s time to rethink our approach. Join Clay as he guides us through understanding these issues, including the role played by technology, and discusses innovative solutions to help our youth thrive.

PESS 24 Recordings

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Highlights from 2022 Parent Empowerment Speaker Series

Disclaimer: The Parent Empowerment Speaker Series is provided by Project STAND as a public service thanks in part to its generous sponsors. The views expressed by the presenters are not necessarily endorsed or recommended by Project STAND or its affiliates.

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